Quality Policy

Lapis Inc.; for military and civil purposes; Production of all projects requested by the customer from metal, alloy and plastic materials and domestic and international sales activities; It is to carry out decisively, in accordance with international criteria, current legislation, specifications and standards, within the stipulated time, without ignoring high quality, environmentally friendly, occupational health and safety conditions.

Lapis Inc. top management;

   • Evaluating the current and future needs of its customers in a systematic way within the management system and seeing these needs and expectations as an absolute value in ensuring customer satisfaction,
   • Planning and providing training needs to raise awareness of its employees in order to improve quality, occupational health and safety issues,
   • Establishing systems for a suitable working environment in the project activity areas, by following the technological developments,
   • Ensuring the selection of quality materials and equipment suitable for human and environmental health,
   • We fulfill suitability obligations and use existing resources effectively and efficiently,
   • Ensuring the fulfillment of legal and other conditions,
   • To prevent accidents by minimizing risks by following OHS rules and instructions with our trained and experienced personnel,
   • To prevent pollution and to carry out reduction activities at the source in order to reduce the negative environmental effects,
   • Paying attention to working with suppliers with high environmental awareness,
   • To provide safe and healthy working conditions in order to prevent work-related injuries and ill health,
   • Committed to preventing occupational accidents and ensuring the full participation of our employees,
   • It is committed to reviewing these policies by senior management.

Lapis Inc. employees; With the spirit of working as a team and the trust, love and respect for each other, it will lead our company to superior and continuous successes together.

It is the desire and responsibility of all employees, especially senior management, to create and maintain a healthy and safe working culture, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the quality management system.