As Lapis Teknoloji A.Ş, we provide manufacturing and engineering services in compliance with the quality standards by utilizing the latest technology, for especially Defense Logistics Agency. Reverse engineering, R&D consultancy is being provided by our experienced engineering team who is following technology closely. Performance indicators are continuously monitored, and we aim to carry each stage quality of the production chain upwards by adopting a continuous improvement approach. 

Defense Industry

Lapis Technology AS has been serving the Machining Industry & Mining and Heavy Equipment Industry for over 10 years since 2007 and since 2009 Lapis AS has been manufacturing parts for Defense Industry for US, Canada and Turkish Military.


R & D activities, production and pre-production quality management of the products are being carried out, that give priority to safety in the mining sector are carried out.


Automotive Industry

It is part of our mission to ensure that the quality of the product is measurable, traceable and meets all customer requirements in every process from the procurement of the raw material until the shipment. With the experienced production and quality personnel, we are approaching each project with the same diligence on the basis of the principle of right feasibility.